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It is important that we manage our attitude
each and every day.  Here is a place where
you can decide how you are going to "be"
that day.
What is going to move you in the right
direction professionally today? Enter
the most important priorities that you
want to accomplish to help move your
business or career forward.
Enter your
appointments and
significant activities for
the day to help you
effectively keep track of
your day.
What has to get done
today personally?
Here is a place to
enter those activities.
A place to log
things that  
suddenly require
your attention.
List the people you need to
contact during the day in this
By recognizing what you are grateful daily you
flood your body and brain with endorphins
that uplift and energize rather than the stress
hormones that drain you.
We are quick to criticize ourselves for what
we don't get done.  Here is a section where
you can list the things you have done well
each day.  It will help to keep you motivated.
What are those tasks that you might be
able to delegate to someone else?  
Delegating allows you to focus on your
highest ad most beneficial activities.
List the things you
would like to get done  
once you taken action
on  your most
important priorities.
All place to jot
notes and
At the end of each day take time to rate how
productive you were.  Use this to raise your
awareness of what is working well and what might
be preventing you from accomplishing what you want.

  • Several pages dedicated to creating meaningful goals
  • A section to create affirmations that will help you stay motivated to accomplish your priorities.
  • Several journal pages so you can write down notes, thoughts, and insights.  
Size: 11"x 8-1/2", Spiral Bound
Price: $25
Also included in the GYST Daily Action Log:
This logbook is designed to assist you in focusing in on the most important priorities that
will help you be as productive as possible.  It is a perfect compliment to the GYST Planner