Coaching vs. Consulting
Life-Coaching could be considered a highly developed form of consulting. One big difference is the
Life Coach stays with the client to assist in implementing new skills, changes and goals - and
makes sure they really happen!

Coaching vs. Therapy
Coaching works on creating results and transformation, and joy.  Therapy focuses more on healing,
understanding, and revolving with the client.  Though it might be discussed, coaching doesn’t get
into the “past” with the client.

Life Coaching vs. Sports Coaching
Life coaching incorporates many principles from sports coaching including; teamwork, goal setting,
performing at you best.  But unlike sports coaching, most professional coaching is not about being
in competition with others. We focus on strengthening the client's skills instead of helping them to
"beat" some other individual or team. Coaches like to play a Win-Win game.

Coaching vs. Your Best Friend
A best friend is truly wonderful to have. In fact, they are so great I have three.  But is your best friend
a trained professional whom you can trust to advise you on the most important aspects of your life
and/or business? Do you really want to place that kind of burden on a good friendship? Instead,
have a best friend and a coach!
How is Coaching Different from Consulting,
Therapy, Sports Coaching, or a Best Friend?