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  • 12 Full month calendar pages
  • Sections at beginning of each month to write down what you want
    to accomplish during the month both personally and professionally.
  • Full year calendars (2019, 2020, 2021)
  • Notes Pages
  • Several Goals Forms so you can create meaningful goals.
  • Section with a Values Exercise to help you clarify your core values.
  • Birthday, Anniversary, Special Events section so you don't forget
    those important dates
This unique yearly planner is designed to help the user stay focused on priorities,
personal values, agreements, and daily appointments.
Keep track of
your weekly
activities with a
schedule that
begins at 6am
and goes
through 8pm.

Broken into 15
sections for
those who
really want to
keep detailed
record of how
they spend
their day.
A quote to inspire you throughout the week.
Values can help influence and
guide our choices . Record your
values weekly as a reminder of
what is most important to you.
Choose  habits you want to work
on.  Track your progress
throughout the week.
It is important to appreciate
what we have and what we
have accomplished. This section
provides a space for you to
notice what is working, and
what you are grateful for
List the most important priorities you want to accomplish
each week. Completing what is most important will help
keep you in control of your time and energy.
Room to take quick notes and record reminders.
Monthly Calendar for quick
The agreement keeping section allows you to track important
agreements, or agreements that have been broken.  There are
boxes for you to check if you kept, reported, rescinded, or
renegotiated the agreement.
Size: 11"x 8-1/2"
Price: $35  
The GYST Planner is a product of Kevin Gifford Coaching
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A positive attitude is not always easy to maintain. However if you
make a conscious decision to manage your attitude each day, you
will find that you have more control over other aspects of your life..