Although there are several Life Coaching methods currently being used, I prefer to explore all aspects
of a person’s life and identify areas for the greatest growth and satisfaction.  We start out with a self-
assessment, find out where you really are in life, not only on the outside, but on the inside.

From that point, you will discover hundreds of ways to get more out of life, how to simplify your life, how
to achieve balance in your life. As the weeks progress, you will see major changes, how you look at life,
how others look at you.

Before you finish the program, you will have a plan for your future, you will have set goals and you will
be on your way to a healthier new life. I can only provide you techniques to change the way you live
your life, you need to be ready for that change, you must want to change, you must desire a better life.

Changing your life is no easy task, and Life Coaching is no quick fix. It will take a lot of soul searching to
reach the new level of living that my coaching is all about. There are no special pills, lotions or potions
to help you start living a balanced life. Even reading a self-help book won't give you the accountability
that a Life Coach provides.

Coaching works for the following reasons:

  • The synergy between the coach and client creates genuine momentum.

  • The client discovers qualities and abilities that might not of been previously realized.

  • Better goals and agendas are set -- ones that naturally pull the client toward the goal rather than
    goals that require the client to push themselves to the goal (internal rather than external).

  • The client develops new skills that translate into greater success

  • “Should's” are eliminated.  Instead of doing what “should” be done, clients frequently begin to do
    something special and meaningful with their lives.

  • The personal and spiritual growth of the client.  Coaching helps the client to “tune in” to        
    themselves, others, and aspects of their faith.

Does Coaching Work?