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Additional Options
Just some of the things included in this price offer:
  • Twelve 90-minute group sessions with other like-minded individuals.
  • An In-Depth Personality Assessment.
  • Assistance in creating a Demographic and Psychographic Profiles of your Most Ideal Clients and Customers.
  • Guidance in generating a SWOT and GAP Analysis for your business.
  • Business Propulsion Workbook with exercises and information that reinforce the material being covered.
  • Creation of a compelling message that will have prospects asking you for more.
  • Learn Persuasive Marketing that will get prospects purchasing what you offer.
  • Email and phone support between sessions.
  • Creation of a vibrant business vision that matches your values and supports you.
  • Clear understanding of your business and its needs through focused analysis.
  • Insight to your unique abilities and how to leverage them to your advantage
  • Clarify who are the most desired clients and how they make decisions.
  • Awareness to new business opportunities.
  • Creation a compelling message that will resonate with prospects.
  • Develop a success mindset that will help you overcome self-limiting beliefs.
  • Better grasp of your niche market and how to market to it.
Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner looking to advance your business in
the right direction and are looking for support, tools, techniques, and accountability?

Business Propulsion Group Coaching is designed to help you get into the proper mindset for success, get you into action, and provide you
with tools and techniques that will have you performing at a higher level. This is a chance to be in a supportive environment with coaches and
other business owners striving for success in their business.

                                                                                      Get Results

There is a power to participating in a coaching group. Not only will you benefit from the knowledge and support of the coach, you will also
experience the energy, expertise, and powerful associations with fellow participants. This combination will help you stay focused, accountable,
and motivated to take your business to another level. Group size is limited to 8
-10 business owners to ensure individualized attention.
Take advantage of this opportunity today!

The entire 12-Session Program is only $420!
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Information & Registration

Frustrated with the growth rate of your business?  
Do you struggle finding the right clients?
Do you want to increase the rate of revenue your business is generating?
Are you maximizing your profit margins?
Are you ready to commit to your success?
An extensive study by the International Coaching Federation has shown people who receive coaching reported improvements in many areas.
These include goal setting, goal attainment, breakthrough thinking, more life balance, and increased self-confidence. However, many
entrepreneurs and small business owners are not sure that they can afford coaching.

                                                          Enhance Your Businesses Most Valuable Asset...You.

The Business Propulsion Group program provides business owners with structured exercises, useful templates, techniques & tools, and an
accountability framework that will generate momentum and create action! This program includes 12, 90-minute group coaching sessions, the
Business Propulsion Workbook, and weekly access to Kevin Gifford. Benefit from the momentum and accountability created in a group
environment, and join other business owners for this intensive business development program.
Register before August 14th, 2019 for the
12-Session Program
and pay only $300!!
Meetings are August 28th - November 13th, 2019
Wednesdays 3:30pm - 5:00pm Mountain Standard Time
You also have the option of paying
by session for $600
($50 per session)