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Let me customize a training program
specific to the needs of your organization.
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The smartest and most successful companies are those that invest in
employee and management development.  If you want to develop a
culture where  your employees feel empowered and are passionate
about their work you need to equip them with training and coaching
that will provide them with the tools they need to perform at their best.

Kevin Gifford Coaching training programs can be custom tailored to
meet the needs of your organization. Depending on your needs each
program can be offered as  60-minute presentations to full day
workshops, or even intensive executive or group coaching.  

I bring 20 plus years of vast management and employee development
experience to each workshop and is sure to inform, inspire, and
entertain your audience.
If you are interested in learning more about what Kevin Gifford
Coaching has to offer your organization, please fill out this form, or call
(719) 964-5709.
Time Management
Conflict Management
Influential Interpersonal Skills
Listening Skills
Dealing with Difficult People
Being Your Best at Work
Effective Supervisory Management
Stress Management
Work / Life Balance
Powerful Work Performance
Time & Energy Management
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Do you feel stuck in your life?  Are you tired of being in the same rut?  Well,
maybe it is time to get a Coach!  Contact me to discover how you can effectively
take action towards creating the life you desire. Re-energize your career and
personal life. You deserve it. Contact me for more information.
Live by design, not default.
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Phone: (719) 964-5709
Release The Brakes is a two-day workshop with Kevin coaching you to master key skills,
beliefs, and physiology of truly successful people.  You will explore what might be holding you
back from taking intelligent and massive action toward producing a difference in your life.  
Learn how to condition your mind to consistently and effectively respond with clarity and focus in
any situation.

Learn how to generate momentum, and maintain that momentum with a series of methods,
ideas, and techniques that you can apply in every aspect of life and work.  Discover the keys to
personal effectiveness, maximum achievement, and unlimited success in your field.  
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There is good news for those small business owners who think coaching is too
expensive and only for those with higher incomes. Kevin Gifford Coaching is
now offering an affordable Business Propulsion Group Coaching Program.  
Many coaches and consultants want to charge you excessive amounts to teach
you how to actually apply the information they provide.  I believe that every
business owner deserves a chance to succeed, so I will not only give you the
information to make your business successful, but also provide the environment
where you can apply it to generate results.  
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In this time of significant change in the business world, assistants have never been as
challenged - and expected to perform more - than they are today. You’re expected to do
whatever it takes to keep things “Running Smoothly” amidst the confusion brought on by
economic shifts, restructuring and new technology

It seems like for every one task outlined in your job description, there are many more
“Between the Lines.”  There are great opportunities out there for assistants. But with the
opportunity often comes a skill gap that can add additional pressure to your already
stressful profession.
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